Ken Goodrich

Multimedia Artist / photographer


Goodrich_Mary_Husband for Scale.jpg

I don’t dream in pictures.
I make photographs so I can visualize my own dreams; so I can coax into consciousness the emotions and ideas that wash over me in sleep. My image are portals back into the night; into silence and wholeness.

For me, nature opens the door to personal mysteries. A sudden wind, driving rain, earthquakes, a volcanic eruption, the smell of the forest floor early in the morning, the feel of the ocean on my skin, the sound of waves at sunset- these things enliven me and awaken ancient memories.

I never stayed in the house.
When I was four years old I was already exploring the hills and streams near my California home. With my little Boston terrier I ventured into the peace and silence of the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. These early experiences still exert a huge influence on who I am and how I work. All my photographs are about my relationship with nature. My landscapes and images of people reflect my dreams, my feelings and emotions.

I didn’t know my father.
He left when I was six months old. All I knew was that he was an artist in New York City; an illustrator. When I was in my mid 30’s and I finally met my father, I was astounded at how similar we were. I definitely inherited my artistic genes from him. His uncompromising, lifelong dedication to his art is a continuing inspiration.

As an image-maker I create photographs that represent my feelings, emotions and dreams. I animate these still images and use music to reinforce the emotional experience. The end result might be a video, a lightshow or a sitespecific installation; and perhaps a portal back into silence and wholeness.