Will Lydgate 

Steelgrass Farms

Known as ‘the Chocolate Guy’ Will Lydgate is a pioneer in the emerging world of craft chocolate. A chocolate educator, chocolate tasting specialist and farmer of some of the most exclusive chocolate in the world, Will is fresh from his Tedx talk entitled ‘Changing the way we think about Chocolate’. Will’s mission is to spread the much needed message that dark chocolate is not only delicious, but is also one of the most powerful health foods known to man.

Will is from the island of Kauai, HI where his family first emigrated in 1867, making him the fifth generation of Kauai Lydgates. Will hosts regular educational workshops and chocolate tastings at his Steelgrass Farm that are open to the public. In addition to chocolate, his farm grows coffee, tropical fruits, and vanilla, and raises honey bees.